OES Genuine AC Receiver Drier & Accessories

The OES Genuine AC receiver drier is an important component of your car's air conditioning system. When the AC receiver drier gets busted while driving on the road during an extremely hot day, you and your passengers will surely experience major discomfort. That's why it's necessary to equip your car with a fully-functional and hard-wearing AC receiver drier.

Like the other systems of your vehicle, the air conditioning system consists of several components that work hand-in-hand. The main parts of a car's air conditioning system are as follows based on the flow of coolant after the receiving energy from the engine. First, the compressor which is the primary recipient of power provided by an accessory belt connected to the crankshaft pulley of the engine. What the compressor does is to heat up the refrigerant-the cooling element of your AC-and turn it into highly pressurized vapors. Second in line is the condenser which transforms the refrigerant vapor to liquid. To do this, the condenser removes heat from the pressurized refrigerant using cool air coming from outside the car. Next part of the AC system is the receiver drier. A top-notch receiver drier will make sure that the remaining liquid refrigerant and the some of the remaining gas refrigerant are separated from each other. The receiver drier should also properly remove the moisture preventing it to turn into ice crystals which can block the circulation of refrigerant and damage the entire AC system. A good example of an AC receiver drier that can do its job perfectly is the OES Genuine receiver drier. The other parts of your car's air conditioning system are the thermostatic expansion valve, which removes pressure from the refrigerant turning it once again into a gaseous state, and the evaporator, which absorbs the heat coming from the passenger compartment to dehumidify the air.

The air conditioning system would not be able to do its job if one of its parts is not working properly. That's why you need to send your car to a trusted mechanic at least four times a year so he can check the performance of your air conditioning system parts. Also, if your mechanic recommends you to purchase new AC parts, look for Parts Train. Installing your car with a fully-functional OES Genuine receiver drier and other AC components from Parts Train will keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable inside your ride.

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