OES Genuine AC Expansion Valve & Accessories

If your car's AC system's expansion valve breaks down, replace it immediately with an OES Genuine AC expansion valve. This component has a very important role in keeping the AC up and running so better get a reliable replacement that'll easily fit your car. Never settle for a poorly made replacement because it might just lead to more car trouble, and cost you more in the long run. To make sure you're putting your car in the right hands, equip it only with an AC expansion valve from OES Genuine, a brand trusted by many car owners.

The AC system of your vehicle relies on several components to successfully keep the cabin cool and comfortable for you and your passengers. These parts include the expansion valve. Also known as a thermal expansion valve, this mechanism controls the flow of the coolant into the evaporator. By monitoring both the pressure and temperature of the evaporator, the expansion valve can sense if it needs to increase or decrease the flow of the refrigerant. If this component fails, expect either of the following to happen: not enough amount of coolant will get into the evaporator, or the anti-freeze will overflow. When the evaporator lacks coolant, it becomes more prone to icing. Now if there's too much refrigerant, the compressor can get damaged. Either way, you'll definitely notice poorer AC performance. If this is the case, better get your hands on a replacement OES Genuine AC expansion valve, a replacement product you can definitely trust.

The expansion valve is typically made of sturdy steel and offers efficient performance for years. However, it can get clogged over the years, and its small parts can stick and corrode after years of exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures. If your ride is showing signs of a busted AC expansion valve, replace it right away with an OES Genuine AC expansion valve. This replacement component is built to perform better than stock parts and fit your car just right. With the right tools and a car manual, you'll be able to replace that worn out AC expansion valve in no time. Just imagine the time and money you'll save because you don't have to bring your car to the repair shop, or hire the services of a mechanic.

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