OES Genuine AC Clutch Solenoid & Accessories

For your own comfort on the road, get an OES Genuine ac clutch solenoid in place of your irregular-working original part. Doing this will restore the overall functionality of, first, your compressor and eventually, the air conditioning (ac) system of your automobile. An after-sale replacement product from a leading manufacturer, this solenoid is surely made from high-grade materials that guarantee long-lasting service life. More importantly, it is manufactured with innovative procedures that ensure its uniformity with the original part. That way, it can be fixed easily in your system without further changes or upgrades needed. And whenever DIY procedure is applied, you can rest assured that you will save a good chunk of your maintenance money. That's another good reason why you should choose the OES Genuine ac clutch solenoid for this replacement project.

Good working air conditioning systems are also associated to your safety on the road; basically because, it keeps you relaxed and focused. For this reason alone, you should always maintain this system at its best performing state. Make sure that everything works and at their top working condition, especially the pump that compresses the refrigerant or Freon that actually provides the cooling effect in your cabin. This pump is technically known as the compressor. It is engine driven through a clutch system that is actuated by a solenoid and kept aligned by a pulley. Once the solenoid is busted, getting the perfect OES Genuine ac clutch solenoid replacement for your make will keep the compressor energized whenever the ac is activated. Otherwise, the compressor won't work properly and there will be no cool air vented out even if the ac is turned on.

There is no reason to delay the needed maintenance for your ac system especially that your old clutch solenoid is just an easy access part in your vehicle. It is located in between the pulley and the compressor, generally above the ac and heater housing and right behind the glove box on the right side of your dashboard. This location will either allow you to gain access either through the engine compartment or inside the vehicle. Once the old solenoid is removed, you can install the OES Genuine ac clutch solenoid in its place. It is also a good practice to clean the seat where this new solenoid will be installed to maximize its service life and as preventive technique against early wear. It is recommended that you use the manual included in the pack of this product to ensure you get the installation right the first time.

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