OES Genuine AC Clutch & Accessories

No one wants to travel in the midst of a heat wave, especially if the vehicle has a damaged AC unit; make sure your replace a faulty component with an OES Genuine AC clutch. Engineered to provide the ultimate in performance, this product stands out among the rest because it does not easily break down due to a burnt unit or loosened bearings. Located within the compressor, this unit serves as the main part working behind the scenes in order to ensure that the AC system does its full function. The overall maintenance and the lifespan of the AC clutch greatly impacts the efficiency and longevity of every automobile's air conditioning system.

Choosing the right unit for your vehicle such as this OES Genuine AC clutch is highly important in order for the entire AC system to work. The main role of this clutch is to ensure that the compressor is turned on and off as you demand cooler air from the system. Without it, the compressor would not be able to pressurize the refrigerant in order to convert the hot air to a cold one. The clutch uses friction and electromagnetic force to pull both the plates of the fan belt rotor and AC rotor towards each other. Once the plates touch, the air conditioner rotor spins which in turn, activates the compressor. When this electromagnetic force is absent, the friction plates are pulled apart and the compressor stops moving.

Replacing a damaged component with this OES Genuine AC clutch requires careful preparation and special tools. Before starting with the process, you've got to let the engine cool first and then disconnect the battery terminal. Once you've done this, locate the old compressor and remove it. Make sure you have a refrigerant recovery machine to get the chemical from the AC. Once you have completed this step, it is time to unhook the hoses of the AC and heating systems and to inspect if they show any signs of wear and corrosion. If they do, you may have to change them as well. Afterwards, install the new compressor and OES Genuine AC clutch but watch out for the back spacing. It should provide just the right size since inadequate space may burn out the clutch again. After this, you are almost done! Just reconnect all the wiring, hoses, and battery to check if your AC is good to go.

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