OES Genuine ACC Dual Valve & Accessories

You can cool down amidst the summer heat if you've got a fully functional air conditioning unit; make sure you install a high-quality OES Genuine ACC dual valve to ensure complete performance from your A/C. Every air conditioning unit relies on its coolant; however, with a faulty set of valves, the flow of this fluid would be greatly affected. Valves are important in the regulation, direction, and control of the fluids in the system. These units can open, close, or partly close the fluid passageways. If the proper coolant level fails to reach the compressor, you may as well say goodbye to the cool and relaxing ambient temperature of your auto and hello to perspiration and bad ventilation brought about by the hot weather outside.

Getting a top-notch component for your ride, such as this OES Genuine ACC dual valve, is a pretty important decision. Though it may seem as a minor part in the entire A/C, it actually plays a vital role since it regulates the blood or the lifeline of the system, which is the coolant. Your ride's air conditioning system relies on this coolant to produce the cold air that will be blown inside the vehicle; the heart of the A/C, which is the compressor, would pressurize the coolant aka refrigerant to accomplish the function of the unit. Aside from controlling the fluid flow, this OES Genuine ACC dual valve also works with the thermal expansion valve in maintaining the proper amount of refrigerant to be used by the compressor. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the air to the level you are comfortable in.

The valves are also important in keeping the coolant separated from water and in filtering out moisture and dirt. Through this unit, your A/C is guaranteed to get a longer service lifespan since very little or no debris passes through its components. An OES Genuine ACC dual valve would be the perfect choice for this task since it has been designed to provide maximum filtering capacity. It does not easily wear out and can handle being exposed to harsh substances and extreme conditions. This unit is even sold with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty to guarantee top-notch quality upon purchase and protect consumers against getting damaged replacements.

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