OES Genuine ABS Speed Sensor & Accessories

With an OES Genuine Speed Sensor under your car's hood, lessening your chances of getting into a collision is easier. This replacement component is built to fit your car just right and provide long-lasting performance you can rely on especially during those slippery moments when driving along an icy road. With a minimum of 450+ accidents occurring every year during the winter season, a time when roads are heavily covered with snow and ice, it definitely pays to regularly check the speed sensor and other ABS parts for signs of damage. If you don't want to be part of the yearly statistics, make sure your car's speed sensor is working properly and that your car is properly geared up for winter driving.

A very important part of your car's anti-lock braking system (ABS), the Speed Sensor helps you steer your car and hit the brakes hard at the same time. If the sensor detects erratic movement, such as a wheel moving real slow than the rest of the other wheels, it sends a signal to the control unit. As a response, the ABS will reduce the brake pressure on the wheel that's moving slow but will then instantly build up pressure to allow you to hit the brakes hard and prevent skidding. Because of an Speed Sensor, driving on icy roads becomes less dangerous and more lives are saved. So when this sensor breaks down, it's important that you fix or replace it as soon as possible with an OES Genuine Speed Sensor.

"Signs of a busted sensor include an erratic ABS system, a speedometer that doesn't seem to work, and a dashboard sensor switch that keeps on lighting up even if you don't really need to use the ABS. If you've confirmed that a broken Speed Sensor is the culprit behind these problems, have it checked immediately. Avoid driving in high speeds if your car's speed sensor isn't working because you won't really be able to use the ABS. Without a fully working ABS, skidding and getting into a collision becomes harder to avoid especially if driving conditions become more challenging. If you do need a replacement sensor, go for an OES Genuine Speed Sensor for a hassle-free, DIY installation.

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