OES Genuine ABS Relay & Accessories

Locking of your wheels can happen when braking at high RPMs, which only a good Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) can steady with the help of the OES Genuine ABS relay. This heavy-duty replacement unit is designed for performance purposes and thus, should be equipped in your vehicle when your old part fails or if you want to upgrade its average performance. In fact, you must do this as your ABS relay is the only protection of your innovative braking system. It is the electronic unit that takes the initial brunt of electrical surge when the system is activated. Through this function, you can rest assured that your system is far from getting damaged. And if the relay fails, you can easily find a better replacement in the form of the OES Genuine ABS relay. This is definitely a lot cheaper compared to getting a new ABS sensor or electrical control unit.

The ABS or Anti-Lock Brakes system has become a standard in most late model production automobile systems and hence, in your vehicle. It is generally composed of a hydraulic control unit (HCU), ABS control module, and front and rear ABS sensors. Automobiles with this type of ABS set-up use the control unit as its relay. Most modern automobiles have a relay apart from the electric control unit. It is located under the hood or under the dashboard, right behind the access panel of the vehicle. Those are basically where the OES Genuine ABS relay will be mounted. To ensure this replacement unit fits, acquire the exact match of your vehicle make.

Generally, an ABS relay will come as a male terminal type with four prongs sticking out from it. Once you reach a vehicle speed of 20 km/h or 12mph, your relay will activate the ABS system. You will notice a mechanical sound when it does. It is the control unit performing a self-check operation. At this time, you will sense pulsation on your brake pedal, rising or falling on this pedal's height, and clicking noise. If any of these doesn't happen, it's the clearest indication that you already need the OES Genuine ABS relay. Get the direct replacement for your make to be able to DIY its installation. You will only need simple hand tools and of course, the new relay or controller for this task.

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