OES Genuine ABS Control Unit & Accessories

Skidding down the highway may look good in action movies, but not if you experience it in real life; switch to an OES Genuine ABS control unit today. The ABS unit, also known as the anti-lock braking system or controller anti-lock brake (CAB), allows the wheels on the motor vehicle to stay on the ground. The brake pedal has to be stepped on in order to activate the brake system. Once this is done, the ABS unit is also activated, ensuring that the wheels do not lock and are in constant interaction with the road. It provides drivers improved vehicle control on both dry and slippery roads, ensuring a safer travel experience for passengers and more precise auto handling for the driver.

Like most products of its kind, the OES Genuine ABS control unit works by automatically modulating the brake pressure in cases when the vehicle has to be stopped immediately. Thanks to this component, one can still maintain control of the steering and is still capable of stopping in the shortest possible distance, even if one had to step on the brake too quickly. A common ABS usually comes with a dual-brake system and is comprised of a hydraulic control unit, an anti-lock brake control module (like this OES Genuine ABS control unit), front and back anti-lock brake sensors, valves, and a pump. It also comes in 4 types: four-channel, four-sensor; three-channel, four-sensor; three-channel, three-sensor; and one-channel, one-sensor. Of the four types, four-channel, four-sensor is considered as the best kind since it provides the maximum level of braking force.

Symptoms of a bad control unit are easily noticeable. If there is any problem, the ABS generally flashes a warning light to inform the owner, so the system can be fixed as soon as possible. Other symptoms may also include grinding and squealing sounds from your wheels and difficulty in feeling the right traction when you step on the brake pedal. If you ever experience any of these symptoms, make sure to get an OES Genuine ABS control unit as replacement. Not only is this component provided at a low price, it is also engineered for maximum accuracy and precision. This system can make traveling safe for you and your passengers. Studies have shown that installing a high-class ABS on the vehicle can reduce vehicle crashes by 18% and off-road crashes by 22%; even if the driver is not alert enough to respond quickly.

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