OEQ Car Parts & Accessories

Remakes of movies, soap operas, and songs are usually no match to the original. Some remakes can be applauded and praised, but the original will always be better. It has already set the standard and remakes just altered it a bit to make the final product more distinct. Like movies, soap operas, and songs, original or stock engine components will always be better than aftermarket auto parts. That's why OEM and OEQ parts have been on the lips of car owners ever since distributors first learned the efficiency of these auto pieces. These components usually restore your engine's condition and match the quality of the stock engine parts, with precision fit and a performance level that is equivalent to the original.

OEQ stands for original equipment quality. It's self-explanatory-meaning, you get the same quality found in the original parts. Most car owners rely on this brand because it allows their vehicles to reach maximum performance and staying power. These parts are failsafe and are guaranteed to perform like the original ones fitted in your vehicle. That's why getting replacements from this brand is much easier because it throws away any worries or apprehensions you might have about purchasing a relatively cheaper substitute to the stock parts you have.

But then again, there's also an even much cheaper alternative to OEQ parts-aftermarket replacements. What's the big difference, anyway? Yes, most distributors carry aftermarket components in their product catalogs, but that doesn't mean it could match the performance and function of original equipment quality parts. For car owners, it's always a question of OEM/OEQ vs. aftermarket. But you have to consider at least three factors before making a decision-cost, warranty, and quality. Original equipment quality parts win when it comes to warranty and quality, but aftermarket takes the cake when it comes to cost. Do you really want to save a few dollars and get substandard auto parts in return? A tip in buying aftermarket parts: always ask the retailer if the part you'll be purchasing meets OEQ specifications. If it does, then you'll be getting almost the same quality at a lower cost. If it doesn't, don't buy it because it's not worth the savings.

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