OCAP Car Parts & Accessories

The steering and suspension of your vehicle take some of the heaviest beating, of all of the components of your ride. So to protect your vehicle and yourself, you should know how to diagnose and solve your car's steering and suspension problems. Some of the most common problems you will encounter are the following: your car "jumps" when you hit a bump, it is very difficult to steer, the steering wheel shakes or vibrates, there's a screeching noise when you steer, there's a clunking noise when you go over a bump, it's difficult to keep your car on a straight path, or it drifts. As a responsible driver, you should know what to do during these instances. There are also times when all you can do is replace your car's parts to avoid these problems. For quality steering and suspension parts, OCAP is the name you can count your life on.

Originally founded as a spare manufacturer for steering and suspension parts, OCAP was partnered with the OEM engineering and production for the automotive and heavy industries. Since then, their line of products has been improved to include a new catalog for truck and bus applications. Their strategic advantage lies in their ability to cooperate with customers from the earliest stages of engineering to the final assembly of the product. This has earned them the multitude of customers who trust their brand in replacing vital auto parts and accessories.

OCAP manufactures the fixed and adjustable links that make up the mechanical link between the steering box and steered wheels of the vehicle. The brand also supplies suspension arms for both the front and the rear of the vehicle. They have also been more consolidating to their position in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market in the last few years. Their strength lies in their expertise to partner with customers from the early stages of designing and engineering through the final phases of production.

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