Nology Spark Plug & Accessories

One of the systems that your vehicle cannot run without is the ignition system. This system is tasked to provide electrical current or spark to ignite the air fuel mixture at the combustion chambers. It is composed of different components such as the battery or magneto that sends the electricity to the ignition coil when the ignition switch is on. The ignition coil then amplifies the electrical which is send to the distributor where it goes through the points and is modified by the ignition condenser. Electricity is then sent by the distributor through high tension lines known as spark plug wires to the spark plugs such as the Nology spark plug.

The spark plug is an important component of your vehicle's ignition system to which it is a device that has two electrodes to which the electricity jumps to produce the needed spark that will ignite the air to fuel mixture. It has a center electrode which is insulated from the spark plug shell through a molded insulator which resembles porcelain. It has side electrode that protrudes from the bottom end of the spark plug. Without this component, there can be nothing to produce the needed spark that is why it is a must to have a good spark plug such as the Nology spark plug.

This brand of spark plug is skillfully designed for your high performance engine. It is made of silver as it is the electrical and thermal conductor. This plug features a large diameter silver center electrode that is capable of increasing its ability to carry spark and spark power. It does not have a resistor but can solve your demand for high performance from your vehicle. If your vehicle is into racing, therefore it needs an ignition component that can match its needed performance such as the Nology spark plug. You can have this product through our online catalog. And ordering it from us, you'll be sure that it is of friendly price but assured of its durability and efficiency.