Nology Ignition Coil & Accessories

Did you ever wonder how your vehicle really works? Simple, it is through the use of electricity to which the battery is the main source. Electricity is being used by your vehicle from the moment you insert your key to the vehicle's dashboard. It serve as a signal that ignition process should start and that you are ready to drive your vehicle. The ignition process is the precursor of all the processes that should take place for your vehicle to perform well. And one of its components is the coil such as the Nology ignition coil.

The ignition coil as a component of the ignition system is a pulse transformer that receives a small amount of electrical charges from the battery and sets it up to the low 'primary' voltage and is capable of amplifying such voltage into a big jolt of about 20,000 volts. Such electrical charges are then sent to the spark plug through the distributor. This ignition component is consists of two windings and a core of iron. Nevertheless, this component is an important component of the vehicle's ignition system that without it, the whole system cannot obtain its needed electrical charges from the battery. If you like a high efficient ignition coil, you can have the Nology ignition coil.

Having the ignition coil from Nology is a good start in upgrading the performance of your vehicle's ignition system. This coil, when installed on your vehicle is capable of delivering 45,000 volts of spark over the engine's entire rpm and will result to an enhanced combustion. Not only that, it also allows your vehicle to have a substantial amount of reserve energy with an ultra-quick rise time to handle high-rpm operation. It is good to have an excellent ignition system as it will ease up the starting process of your vehicle. You can do it by having the Nology ignition coil as it can be easily yours because it is available here at Parts Train.