Nology Car Parts & Accessories

Nology Engineering, Inc. is a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high performance ignition systems, engine management systems and sparkplugs. The company manufactures high performance products for race cars, street cars, trucks, motorcycles, water crafts, alternative fuel vehicles and industrial engines. Nology is a well-established name known for its innovative products in the field of ignition technology. Nology utilizes a state of the art technology that is designed and patented to be effectively utilized by different types of engines. Nology has ignition products that are designed to increase horsepower. The ignition system developed by Nology has been tested and proven many times by professional racers. Furthermore, the technology is also environment friendly. Various emission tests have been performed on the Nology ignition system.

Nology covers a wide range of ignition products. However, its main ignition product is the Nology Silver sparkplug. It features a solid silver electrode. This electrode is highly conductive, owing to its composition. It is capable of efficiently discharging high-voltage of electricity with very minimal power loss. Its viability has been proven many times on the race track. This sparkplug is heavy duty and requires minimal maintenance. Installing this sparkplug is cost-effective, considering that you will be able to use it for a relatively longer period of time. While other sparkplugs are already burned-out, this sparkplug is barely serving its half life.

Complementary to the sparkplug is the ignition wire. The Nology ignition wire is highly resistant to heat but very efficient conductor. It is insulated by several layers of materials, assuring safety. Power loss and possible short circuit is prevented by the multiple layers of insulation. The insulation layers also prevent radio frequency interference. Radio waves are produced if there is an oscillating magnetic field. High voltage electricity that runs through the ignition wire creates magnetic field. In turn, the magnetic field may oscillate due to rapid successive ignition. This induces static radio waves to be produced. Other Nology products are diagnostic and performance boosters such as the PDA-Dyno & OBDII Scan Tool. If you intend to enhance the performance of your vehicle, order Nology products right here at Parts Train and we guarantee customer satisfaction.