Nitrous Express Car Parts & Accessories

There are many ways of boosting the performance of your engine. One way of doing so is to install a Nitrous Express system in your vehicle. Nitrous Express system injects nitrogen into the combustion chambers of the engine to boost its power. Although nitrogen is inert because it does not directly participate in the combustion of fuel, it can boost the engine performance. Torque, power and speed can be greatly increased by injecting nitrogen into the combustion chambers of the vehicle. Others may think that the engine boost is due to some chemical or catalytic reaction between the nitrogen and fuel. However, the power boost is neither cause by chemical or catalytic reaction. The nitrogen-induced engine boost is much similar in principle as a turbo-charged engine.

A turbocharger increases the engine output by compressing air. Compressed air is hotter and oxygen is richer. Since, nitrogen can be compressed better than air, injecting nitrogen into the combustion chambers will greatly increase the air density and concentration of oxygen. Pressurized gas has greater temperature. However, when the pressure is suddenly released, it will have a cooling effect. Nitrogen boosters work this way. The nitrogen booster is not actually pure nitrogen but rather nitrous oxide. When pressurized nitrous oxide is suddenly released, it creates a cooling effect for the air inside the combustion chambers, making it more dense and oxygen-rich. Increased oxygen would mean more efficient fuel combustion.

Pure oxygen cannot directly be injected into the combustion chamber. Pure oxygen will cause uncontrolled combustion and even engine explosion. Oxygen must be diluted with nitrogen to accomplish optimal pressure and temperature needed for combustion. Nitrous Express is consists of a nitrous oxide canister that contains pressurized nitrous oxide, delivery hose with valve, and electronic controller. The electronic controller is connected to the onboard computer. The computer decides how much nitrous oxide should be injected. The computer calculation is based on the ideal fuel/air ratio. If oxygen concentration is increased, the fuel concentration should also be proportionally increased. Here at Parts Train, you can order Nitrous Express products to boost the performance of the engine of your vehicle.