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Your car's brakes are easily the most important safety feature of your car. Faulty brakes are often the cause of many road accidents. As a responsible driver, you should always maintain them and make sure that they are in proper working condition. Most brake problems can easily be detected by the sound they make when you step on the pedal. You can also feel when there's something wrong. For example, a spongy or soft brake most probably means that there's air in the hydraulic system. Some of these problems are easily remedied; but there are also times when there's nothing you or a mechanic can do but replace some of the components of your brakes. For high-quality parts for your brake assembly, trust only Nissin Brake Ohio. They're the manufacturer you can bet your car on.

The brand was established by its parent company Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd. in 1988. Since then, the company has been the supplier of brake systems for its primary customers-GM, Honda, and Harley-Davidson. Through their technological developments, they've made advancements in the manufacture of brakes and brake assemblies and have made their products with optimum efficiency. These high-quality products, which are offered at competitive costs, shows how committed they are to exceed their customers' expectations. The company also aims to be an asset to their associates, the community, their customers, and everyone who deals with them.

With the goal of producing state-of-the-art braking systems, Nissin has utilized aluminum casting and processing to manufacture lightweight products. Through developing lighter, compact, and high-performance products using aluminum, they are doing their part in protecting the environment. Nissin Brake Ohio recognizes the importance of an environmental management system, a very sound idea which they implement throughout the whole organization. They manufacture their products and conduct their businesses with utmost regard to the conservation of natural resources.

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