Nissens Radiator Drain Plug & Accessories

With a Nissens radiator drain plug, draining the radiator is easier, making it a perfect task for a do-it-yourself (DIY) beginner. Crafted from heavy-duty brass, this plug is built to last for years. In addition to that, it looks real great with its metal construction, making it a form-and-function unit to the engine bay. Nissens has also made sure that this radiator drain plug will fit different kinds of vehicles and will work well with OEM radiators. Installing this unit involves only a few simple steps. The first thing that has to be done is to remove the old drain plug from its socket (located at the underside of the radiator). After that, the drain plug can be easily screwed onto the hole. The unit must be tightly screwed on to prevent leaks.

The radiator drain plug from Nissens is a perfect choice. It comes from a trusted company that assures the product's durability and reliability. This component will allow easier radiator draining for all car owners, and it is widely available on the Internet. Many online auto parts stores, including Parts Train, offer the Nissens radiator drain plug at an affordable price.