Nissens Oil Cooler Connector & Accessories

Coming from a trusted maker of radiator and climate control products, the Nissens oil cooler connector is made from high-grade materials, which are chromed and threaded using advanced technologies. It's crafted based on the specifications of the original equipment, making it fit perfectly into the oil filter adapter. Having this product match the exact dimensions of your vehicle is critical to the performance of the cooler, since it's the part that connects the oil filter to the cooler line. A connecter with loose or corroded thread may cause leaks and contaminate the oil. This won't only waste your expensive engine oil; it may also damage your precious engine and oil cooler.

Installing the Nissens oil cooler connector isn't as difficult as you may think. It may take you hours to install, but it only requires the use of simple mechanic tools. It's also best to clean the hoses and adapter after removing the old part and before putting the new one in place. Doing so will keep unwanted elements out of the oil as well as make it easier for you to detect any leaks after installation. So make it a point to invest in the Nissens oil cooler connector available at Parts Train to help you achieve the engine performance you've always wanted.