Nissens Oil Cooler & Accessories

The Nissens oil cooler is among the pioneers in its category. What makes it a must-have is its ability to restore the optimal temperature of the oil in one's car. Additionally, each oil cooler is made to match OEM specifications of various vehicle makes and models, making installation a breeze even for average-skilled DIYers. Nissens also has a First-Fit policy that ensures all necessary mounting hardware are included in each product. For those planning to install a replacement oil cooler on their rides, it is also important to change the fittings and the gaskets that seal the inlet and outlet to the connecting hoses. For even better results, owners also need to have unwanted elements cleaned off before fixing the Nissens oil cooler in place.

Under normal conditions, an engine's motor oil cooler is bound to last throughout the vehicle's lifespan. However, since vehicles get exposed to harsh elements regularly, then replacement eventually becomes a necessity. This is where the Nissens oil cooler comes into play. With its help, owners will be able to improve the total performance of their oil cooling system and enhance the functionality of their engine as well.