Nissens Intercooler & Accessories

A turbocharger sucks in and compresses air to be directed to the cylinders. Since compression heats up the air and makes it less suitable for combustion, an intercooler is necessary. By cooling and reducing the pressure of the air from the turbocharger, the intercooler makes the air more dense and oxygen-packed, and thus, better for combustion. This is what the Nissens intercooler does efficiently. With Nissens' NOCOLOK flat tube construction technology, this intercooler has a greater cooling capacity. It helps allow more air and fuel to be pumped into the combustion chamber, thus achieving increased horsepower, better fuel economy, and cleaner emission. Also, this intercooler has been strictly tested against high pressure, vibration, temperature, and corrosion; so, material and structure-wise, it's reliable.

Now in terms of installation and customization purposes, setting up the Nissens intercooler should be easy. Since it's a Nissens product, it comes with an OE fit, which covers over 75 percent of car and truck models. Installation is made easier, even for the average DIYer, as this intercooler already comes with all the hardware needed for its installation-bolts, screws, o-rings, etc. No doubt, the Nissens intercooler is perfect for replacement or customization purposes. It can be purchased from Parts Train at a pocket-friendly price.