Nissens Heater Core & Accessories

This heater core is one of the most reliable replacements for your car's stock, especially as Nissens makes sure all its products undergo strict quality testing, including pressure and vibration tests. Nissens' heater core is tested for thermal expansion, guaranteeing resistance to damage caused by extreme heat. So no matter how hot the coolant from the cylinder head is, you can trust the Nissens heater core to contain the fluid properly. The item, being sturdy, also guarantees that your car's heater system develops less coolant leaks. When there's sufficient amount of coolant in the heater core, you can get warm air from the air-conditioning vents whenever you want.

But hold your horses! You can't just simply take out your car's old heater core and smack on the replacement. You've got to drain the radiator first. Make sure you do this when the engine is cold. Otherwise, you'll risk scalding yourself with hot coolant. Unscrew the heater box from under the dash and remove all clamps and hoses. The heater box is usually fastened with clips, so be careful while removing them. Remove the leaking core and install the Nissens heater core. With this Nissens product in your car's heater system, you can kiss coolant leaks goodbye. Parts Train has plenty of Nissens heater cores in stock.