Nissens Auxiliary Fan Assembly & Accessories

Consisting of the left and right motors, fan blades, and shroud, the Nissens auxiliary fan assembly has everything you expect from a top-caliber auxiliary fan assembly. This will give your radiator all the air that it needs, so you can pound the off-road trails mercilessly with no problem at all. With its shroud crafted from heavy-duty materials, there's no way any element can damage it. In addition to that, its plastic-made blades are built to last for years. To make its installation easier, the entire assembly already contains all the wirings that you will use. No need for complicated tools because all that you will use are basic mounting hardware. With this auxiliary fan assembly, you won't have to worry about overheating even if your primary fan falters. Totally versatile, it can even be used for ventilation once your air conditioning system shuts down.

The Nissens auxiliary fan assembly is a must-have for those who want to remove overheating from the list of their worries. Fortunately, it's available here at Parts Train. If you're interested, you can always check out our catalog to get more information and find the one that best fits your vehicle.