Nissens AC Receiver Drier & Accessories

Picture this: you're driving to work one hot morning and suddenly, the A/C vents start blowing warm air. You also notice a white mist spewing from somewhere under your car's hood. When this happens, you should immediately check the water temperature gauge to see if the engine is overheating. If it isn't, then chances are something in the A/C system has just popped—possibly the receiver drier. That white mist you saw was probably the refrigerant gas escaping under pressure. Don't sweat it, though. All you need is a replacement Nissens A/C receiver drier.

Here's some basic information on how the A/C works. The refrigerant starts out as part-gas and part-liquid. That's why your car has a compressor that pressurizes and heats the refrigerant. The high-pressure gaseous refrigerant leaves the compressor and gets cooled down into liquid in the condenser. Before the refrigerant is routed to the evaporator, though, it needs to be stripped of all moisture. This is where the Nissens A/C receiver drier comes in. This part contains a bag of desiccant useful in 'drying' the refrigerant. By getting rid of moisture in the refrigerant, the A/C receiver drier protects the A/C system from damage caused by corrosion.

With Nissens' 88 years of service in the aftermarket industry, you can be assured of the quality of the Nissens A/C receiver drier. It provides a direct fit, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation. The product also meets—and even exceeds—original equipment specifications, so you can expect it to function for a long time. You'll find the Nissens A/C receiver drier and much more at Parts Train, your one-stop auto parts shop.