Nissens AC Evaporator & Accessories

Traffic is a major hassle for every driver, most especially during summer. Slow moving traffic and scorching temperatures are a quick recipe for a bad day. That is why it is important to maintain the air conditioning system of a car. To ensure that an A/C system can handle all the scorching heat, a car needs high-quality A/C parts like the Nissens A/C evaporator.

The A/C evaporator is built to achieve one thing: optimum heat exchange. Once the refrigerant enters its cooling fins, it starts to boil. The fluid then absorbs the heat from the cabin air that passes through the fins of the evaporator. When the refrigerant leaves the evaporator, it carries with it the heat that it has absorbed. Aside from that, the evaporator also removes the moisture in the air passing through its fins through condensation. So, it also functions as a dehumidifier while removing all the unwanted particles that come with the air. Compared to other evaporators, the Nissens A/C evaporator is built to fit right smack underneath the dashboard, so mounting it is very easy. And for better cooling purposes, there are different vent locations available depending on the vehicle make and model. The unit can be installed in the dashboard, the kick panels, or the floor vents.

The Nissens A/C evaporator will raise the performance of any A/C unit. Car owners can easily get one online through numerous distributors like Parts Train. Apart from convenience, Parts Train also offers unmatched discounts and fast delivery.