Nissens A/C Condenser & Accessories

A car's A/C system relies on refrigerant, a compound that cools through compression and expansion. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and pushes it into the condenser, where the refrigerant is cooled by air from the front of your vehicle. The Nissens A/C condenser works similarly to a radiator-it circulates coolant to absorb heat. The condenser is equipped with small tubes for refrigerant to flow through. To ensure these tubes are tough and won't crack or break, Nissens uses only durable materials to make them. This way, the chances of refrigerant leaking out of your car are prevented. Plus, Nissens' A/C condenser has a direct-fit design, so a quick and easy installation is guaranteed.

How will you know if you need a new condenser? If your car's stock condenser isn't performing up to par, you'll notice the A/C system venting warm air into the cabin even with the thermostat set to coldest. It's also best to check your car's A/C system regularly and inspect the condenser for tell-tale signs of damage. The tubes might be corroded in some places, resulting in refrigerant loss. If you need a new A/C condenser for your vehicle, you can find a Nissens A/C condenser at Parts Train.