Nippon Clutch Car Parts & Accessories

You could search the world far and wide, turn it upside-down and inside-out, and you wouldn't be able to find anyone like the Japanese. No one else approaches work with such adherence to traditional values combined with openness to innovation. These qualities are directly seen in the way Nippon Clutch does business.

As a manufacturer of high-quality clutch parts, this brand has reached global status. Internationally, the Nippon name is known for its products, but there's more to it. In each smooth shift is part of the legacy Nippon Clutch has built and continues to build. Here at Parts Train, you can take a piece of that legacy, and you can drive with it every single day. Nippon Clutch's product line ranges from basic OE replacements to high-performance variants. Before these parts even make it to our warehouse, they've had gone through tremendous quality control measures. Nippon Clutch doesn't wear its slogan "quality first" proudly for nothing. All these products are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and designed with modern engineering techniques. This effort is to assure that they're ready for the continually changing needs of today's drivers.

If you've been working on a transmission overhaul or upgrade, then Nippon Clutch is the way to go. It doesn't take a genius to detect a soft or slipping clutch, and it's not just the performance on inclined roads that gives it away. A chattering sound is common, which also serves as an indication of worn peripheral parts such as bearings and bolts. Some say you can rack up over 100,000 miles on a stock clutch, but that really depends on your driving habits and the load you often carry. You could've been punishing your transmission for a long time and may have caused it to wear prematurely. It's also an issue of peace of mind, which you'll gain when you're shifting like your ride is brand new. If you can remember that feeling and want to feel it again, then you know what to do.

Our selection of Nippon Clutch products has something for everyone, with specifications matching that of various makes and models. All items come at a lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure to save big when you shop with us. What're you waiting for? Improve your shifting performance instantly and place your order today!