Nichirin Car Parts & Accessories

Do you always get disappointed every time you buy a replacement hose for your car's brake, clutch, or power steering system? Then you definitely need to switch to Nichirin, a Japanese brand known for its high-grade hoses designed to fit your car just right and exceed industry standards. Because each product manufactured by this brand is built for maximum performance and durability, more and more buyers are becoming loyal customers throughout the years.

Tracing its roots well before the Second World War, Nichirin was initially introduced as the Nippon Ringyo Goshi Company in 1914. In 1937, under a new company name (Nippon Ringyo Gomu Kaisha Ltd.), it started offering rubber hoses for cars. It wasn't until in 1943 that the company name was changed to Nichirin Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. Along with this change in business name is the establishment of additional facilities in Himeji, Osaka, and Kobe. Two years later, the plants were all burned down during World War II. However, the company is resilient enough to resume production at the Himeji factory the following year. Through the company's admirable efforts and perseverance, it was able to earn a JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) for its hydraulic brake hoses in 1958. In the succeeding decades, the company expanded and established key facilities in different countries. Today, it is now recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer of automobile hoses.

Built for extreme durability, flexibility, and superior performance, the materials for Nichirin products undergo a strict quality control inspection. These are then molded and built into pipes and other components that make up a brake, power steering, or clutch hose. With each product backed up by the company's cutting-edge manufacturing technology, investing in a part from this brand is a wise decision.

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