New Advantage Car Parts & Accessories

Looking for a brand that offers budget-friendly but durable car starters and alternators? Then New Advantage is one name you should remember. This brand is a leading distributor of starters, alternators, switches, transformers, fuses, and other electric components for a wide variety of applications. In the automotive industry, this name is synonymous to top-caliber alternators and starters.

New Advantage has been offering electric parts since 1994. To keep up with its customers' ever-changing needs, it offers high-grade parts only from top manufacturers such as Helicoil, Meritek USA, and Mitsubishi. Each product is also backed up by the company's commitment to excellence, global resources, and inspection procedures and processes that are ISO-documented. As a matter of fact, New Advantage has invested in Leica equipment and XRF scanning equipment for product inspection and testing. The company also invests in the right people. By employing highly trained individuals and industry experts, the brand ensures that each product it distributes exceeds industry standards and buyers' expectations.

Throughout the years, the company has earned several achievements and recognitions. In 2002, it was certified for ISO 9001:2000 as an active and passive component distributor. Three years later, it earned almost-perfect ISO audit scores. In 2007, New Advantage was recognized as one of Tampa Bay's "50 best companies to work for." The year 2009 was also a success since the company was given the US Small Business Administration Award for Excellence in May, and an AC-00-56 Certification in August. It has also signed various agreements with top companies such as Minco Technology Labs, Ligent Photonics, and Stackpole Electronics. With a long list of partners and distribution agreements, the brand has access to world-class resources and technology.

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