Nabtesco Car Parts & Accessories

Is your car's master brake cylinder in dire need of a replacement? Then check out Nabtesco, a brand that specializes in industrial, hydraulic, aircraft, and transport equipment. Its automotive division specializes in brake parts, hydraulic clutch components, and air driers. This brand has been serving car owners for years now and it continues to stick to its goal: to provide a sense of security, safety, and comfort through its durable car components.

Nabtesco Corporation was established when NABCO and Teijin Seiki merged in 2004. These two companies merged because both sides recognized the pros of business integration. By joining forces, they would be able to improve each other's corporate value and take advantage of each other's product line-up and resources. Years after the integration, the company still stands strong as one of the most recognized brands in the automotive parts industry. Nabtesco actually has a share of more than 70% of the market for car brake chambers and air brake actuators. For its air driers for commercial cars, it has a share of about 90% of the domestic market. The brand also has high ratings in terms of company achievements and product safety and reliability.

The company's ongoing success is a result of its dedication to provide only superior replacement parts. With the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and efficient product testing processes, the company is able to exceed its customers' expectations. And the company is not just focused on manufacturing a variety of durable products for its buyers. It's also an environmentally conscious company that participates in activities that aim to slow down the effects of global warming. Ever since its establishment in 2004, Nabtesco has formed a variety of eco-friendly programs that aim to conserve energy, reuse and recycle materials, and lessen landfill wastes.

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