NWB Car Parts & Accessories

Driving with broken wipers is both a hassle and a threat. It is a hassle when you are in a hurry or you are running amidst moderate traffic. And it is a threat, a call for a road collision, especially when driving in the midst of extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms and hurricanes. Don't wait until an inconvenience or an accident happens. Replace your broken wiper parts with NWB products. Made of high-quality materials, these wipers are durable, reliable. Right, left, side-to-side, these wipers will bend over sideward just to give you that clean and clear windshield.

Also known as Nippon Wiper Blade, the company specializes in crafting and manufacturing windshield wiper blades and arms. Most Japanese car manufacturers choose their wiper blades and arms as standard OE equipment during production because of its quality and durability. NWB continuously upgrades these wiper parts' designs; targeting silent performance, anti-windlift performance, and wiping performance as the key factors. They want to keep their designs simple yet smart, to provide technical advantages without making the wipers too complicated to install or use.

Compatible with most vehicles, their wiper blades are first-class direct OE replacements. For years, motorists have chosen these wiper blades because it offers the latest in design and technology. Its rubber is designed to have a clean wiping edge and to avoid squeaking noises while moving. Because it is crafted using high technology, most of NWB wiper blades perform better and last longer against other premium blades. So even if water is pouring, houses are flying, and trees are dancing outside, your wipers will still give you the support and performance you need to get safely to where you need to be.

Choose the best wipers in town, choose NWB. When it comes to your car, the option is only the best. Like NWB's standards, Parts Train has a high level of customer service to help you find what you are looking for. We work with this company to provide world-class products at low prices for customers. Our well-stocked inventory of various auto parts for different makes and models would be more than enough to get you what you need. We are, after all, the best source for anything automotive.