NTN Car Parts & Accessories

Hearing squeaks and chirps as you drive your car? Chances are there are no birds or rats following you around while you drive. These weird sounds that you hear might come from your wheels, more specifically, produced by faulty bearings. Your vehicle's wheel bearings play an important role in your car's suspension. They not only allow the wheels to rotate with little friction, they also support your car's weight. That's very vital to the performance of your car, don't you think? So when you hear those unusual sounds, immediately replace them with top-quality bearings and other components from the NTN brand.

NTN Bearing Corporation of America was founded in 1963 to sustain the brand's bearing sales in the local American market. But the brand was established well before that time. It began in 1918 when Noboru Niwa of Tomoe Trading, Co. and Jiro Nishizono, an engineer, joined together to design and manufacture the brand's first ball bearings. Since then, the organization has improved a lot of aspects in their designing and manufacturing processes. The improvements they've made throughout their company over the years have paid off in 1954 when they were awarded the Deming Prize for statistical quality control. They were the first Japanese industrial manufacturer to earn such a prestigious award.

Their excellence in this field has continued on and they acquired several other brands, resulting in the expansion of their product offerings as well as manufacturing facilities in North America and around the world. Today, NTN is capable of manufacturing ball bearings, spherical, tapered, cylindrical, and needle roller bearings, automotive constant velocity joints, and other high-quality car components.

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