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All vehicles come with oxygen sensors, which are small engine components that perform a lot of functions to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. If you have a bad oxygen sensor, then it cannot perform its duties well thus compromising the performance of your vehicle's engine. For starters, a faulty oxygen sensor can make your vehicle fail a state-mandated smog test because it cannot accurately measure the air/fuel mixture concentrations and various other engine ratios. Therefore, it will not be able to adjust different engine operations accordingly. If you're having this problem and would not want to go into any more trouble during various state-mandated tests or while on the road, it is highly recommended that you replace it as soon as possible. For high-quality oxygen sensors and similar engine parts, look for the NTK brand.

The company had its beginnings as a part of NGK Spark Plugs, Co. LTD, which is a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry, especially because of their exceptional knowledge of technical ceramics. This has brought about the founding of NTK Technical Ceramics. From there, everything went uphill. Excellence in their process was not only maintained, but improved to the point that the organization has embarked on to a highly ambitious research and development program. The brand has also applied their technical expertise to enter different industries, including avionics, communication, medical, and military applications.

Now known as NTK Technologies, they specialize not only in ceramics, but in numerous other markets. And they have added various high-quality products in their offering. But it doesn't stop there. Today, the company continues to add value to the industry by developing innovative components to countless high-tech automotive applications. Their products include oxygen sensors, gyrosensors, ECUs, tire pressure sensor systems, and many others.

Committed to providing their customers with the finest products and satisfactory service from ordering to application, the brand has teamed up with Parts Train to distribute their durable products to their customers. When you go online and browse our extensive catalog, you will definitely find NTK products at very affordable prices. And since everything can be done online, you're guaranteed that the whole purchasing process can be done with comfort and convenience.