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A worn piston ring on your engine cylinder is one major problem which can compromise your car's engine's normal vehicular operations. You might think that is highly unlikely because piston rings are very simple components in your engine. But however small they are, they play a large part in the flawless operation of your vehicle's engine. You see, piston rings are little metal rings that are fitted into the grooves on a piston. This makes them vital parts for piston engines to work. If you have a blown piston ring, they'd allow the gas/air mixture to leak, which would cause the engine to lose power. In simple terms, worn piston rings adversely affect the performance of your engine. To prevent problems such as loss of compression, burning oil, or engine overheating, you should replace your piston ring. And when looking for replacements, there's one brand you can definitely count on: NPR.

Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd., or NPR, was founded in 1941 as Nippon Piston Ring Works. Through the years, the company has gone through a lot, all the while perfecting their technology in manufacturing piston rings for automobiles and other industries like aircrafts. They first established their direct sales office in Los Angeles, California in 1973. Since then, they've put up several other locations in the U.S.

The company's main business is the manufacture of parts for automobiles and other land and marine engines both domestic and overseas. They have also included additions to their product over the years. Currently, the brand's main products are piston rings, seal rings, cylinder liners, and valve train parts. They serve several of the world's top leading auto manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, and many others. Despite their success in the market, NPR continues to promote various programs of globalization across many fields.

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