NOS Nitrous System & Accessories

You should also know aside from fuel and air, your vehicle also needs another element which can add performance to your vehicle such as the nitrous oxide. Maybe you have heard of the cold air intake system which deals with the air going to your engine and the fuel injection system that deals with your vehicle's fuel. But with the nitrous oxide, it is the nitrous system and your vehicle should this system such as the NOS nitrous system.

The nitrous system is one of the components in your vehicle that deals with the injection of the nitrous oxide into the inlet manifold with the press of a button. Its function is to introduce a quick dose of additional energy and a burst of power into your vehicle. And if your vehicle has a 6-cylinder or V-8 engine, this system is capable of adding an extra 250 horsepower of performance in your vehicle. As a system it is consists of a pressurized nitrous oxide bottle which is used for welding, solenoids, an injector base plate for the carburetor and steel pipes. So if you want to have a high performance vehicle, it would be better if you have the NOS nitrous system.

This system from NOS is an excellent addition to your vehicle if you want to increase its horsepower. It features a ½ inch injector plate that can fit between the intake and the carburetor. This system also comes with a highly accurate spray bars between the plate that simultaneously inject both the nitrous and the fuel into the vehicle's manifold thereby creating a smooth rush of extra power on demand. This product is easy to install on your vehicle as it is factory preset to provide extra power for your vehicle's V8 engine.

Increasing the performance of their vehicle for some may be an expensive undertaking but with the NOS nitrous system it is made cheaper and less complicated. Here at Parts Train, you can have such product at a reasonable price.