NOS Car Parts & Accessories

NOS is a product acronym that stands for Nitrous Oxide System. It is one of the top brands used buy professional car racers since the 1970's. NOS is a brand manufactured by the Holley Performance Products Company. Holley is the undisputed leader in fuel systems for the past 100 years. Its carburetors are utilized by every NASCAR team and every NHRA Pro-stock champion. Its product range includes performance fuel pumps, fuel injection, cylinder heads, intake manifold, and engine dress-up products. Holley manufactures almost all types of performance products for street car, race cars and marine vessels. NOS is the main performance enhancer product manufactured by Holley Performance Products Company. The NOS is capable of boosting engine performance at least 50% more than normal.

NOS is comprised of a pressurized nitrous oxide canister, delivery valves, electronic controls, and mount hardware (ring clamps). Engine output in terms of power, torque and speed can be significantly boosted using nitrous oxide. Although nitrous oxide is generally inert, it cam boost the performance of the engine. Contrary to common beliefs, nitrous oxide does not chemically participate in the combustion of fuel. Its does not alter the chemical composition of the fuel or combines with it. It does not act as catalyst that facilitates efficient combustion. Its operating principle is similar to the way turbo-chargers enhance the performance of engines.

Turbo chargers are actually compressors that allow higher density of air to enter the combustion chamber. Higher air density means higher oxygen concentration. Normally, air is sucked through the intake manifold. Air suction is facilitated by the partial vacuum created inside the combustion chambers after exhaust stroke. It is also during this stage that fuel is injected in the form of mist. However, there is an ideal fuel/air ratio. This means that more fuel cannot be injected without increasing oxygen concentration. The turbocharger compresses air, allowing higher oxygen concentration. In similar manner nitrous oxide that is injected to the combustion chambers increases oxygen concentration. Pressurized nitrous oxide has a cooling effect that allows denser air to be sucked in. hence, greater amount of fuel can be proportionally injected. Here at Parts Train, you can order NOS products and other engine booster products at very reasonable price.