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Almost every fitting in your car is sealed by an o-ring. It is a ring-shaped packing that acts as a gasket to block any potential path of fluid leaks between two closely spaced surfaces. If placed correctly, it can withstand large amounts of pressure and prevent fluid leakage. Always make sure that there's no fluid leaks because those fluids are there to ensure that everything works perfectly. For example, if your radiator pipe connections are not properly sealed, the liquid coolant would leak out and your engine will overheat. Even though an o-ring is a very simple component of a vehicle, it could affect largely on your ride's performance. If you need to get a replacement for a faulty o-ring or any other auto rubber parts, NOK is the brand you can trust.

NOK Industry is one of the leading companies in Thailand when it comes to producing auto rubber parts. The company's goal is to manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and can meet international standards. They produce all types of high-quality rubber equipment at reasonable prices. As an organization, they aim to promote continuous improvement among their staff through teamwork and innovation. The company is also committed to customer satisfaction by providing outstanding automotive spare part products and delivering orders on time.

The brand offers products that are thoroughly tested by quality control before being delivered to their customers. There are currently 45 machines used by the company in the manufacture of their products and each one of these creates the top-quality rubber parts they have today. NOK also employs different techniques and stages in the development of their products, including testing tools, durability tests, control and molding technology, and lean manufacturing system. Through these processes, all NOK products are created with such high-quality that it satisfies the company's customers nationwide.

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