NGK Spark Plug & Accessories

Combustion is the most important process in your car. Without it, there's no way the engine would work and your car won't be able to run. For combustion to begin, something needs to ignite the fuel and air mixture. And when it comes to that, you need a reliable spark plug. Spark plugs trigger the burning of the fuel-air mixture to combust it on time. However, constant exposure to high-voltage electricity and fuel can eventually foul your stock plugs. Eventually, you'll need to look for dependable replacements like an NGK Spark Plug set.NGK spark plugs deliver quicker starts, excellent acceleration, and better fuel economy. Their secret lies in their platinum or iridium tip that makes them more durable and allows the plug to produce a spark even with reduced voltage. Aside from that, their copper core makes them more efficient in delivering voltage. That means electrical current goes right to the engine cylinders on time. Unlike other spark plugs that become prone to corrosion after a period of time, spark plugs from NGK feature trivalent metal plating that prevents corrosion and seizing. Once the parts are installed, you'll definitely see an improvement in your car's performance.An NGK Spark Plug comes in different types and configurations. Plugs can be generally categorized into OEM and racing applications. Some are engineered for lower emissions and fast starting, while others have anti-fouling characteristics. But whatever kind you get, you can be sure that installing it won't be a problem at all. All you have to do is consult the service manual and you're good to go.If you need more information about the NGK Spark Plug, all you have to do is browse our catalog at All NGK spark plugs we offer are covered with 60-day and 12-month warranties, depending on the plug type.