NGK Car Parts & Accessories

When it comes to the best spark plugs and ignition wire kits, one brand stands from the rest - NGK. Known for its high-caliber spark plugs, glow plugs, and ignition wire sets, this brand offers products built for superior performance and durability, giving you value for your money. There may be a lot of manufacturers out there offering similar products but you have to hand it down to NGK for blowing away the competition through its top-caliber facilities and innovative technology.

The company started out as a Japanese manufacturer offering only a single product in 1936. Thirty years later, it recognized the need for a US-based subsidiary. So, NGK Spark Plugs (USA) was established in 1966. Its main goal was to develop a US market for its products, including NTK ceramics. In 1976, a manufacturing company in the US was established, with the purpose of assembling spark plugs at the California facility. Construction of the facility began in that year, and was finished in 1981. In the succeeding years, a distribution center and a corporate headquarters were established. Another product line - oxygen sensors - was added into the company's list of quality automotive parts. Today, the company continues to cater to its customers' needs and go beyond their expectations.

Some of NGK's most popular products are its spark plugs available in different types and materials. These include the V-Power, G-Power, and Iridium ix spark plugs. Each of this type offers unique features you won't find in plugs from other brands. Take for example the V-Power type. This plug features corrosion-resistant properties and a V-Power center electrode. Aside from spark plugs, the brand is also known for its high-grade glow plugs designed for heavy duty applications, ignition wire sets built for consistent performance and superior durability, and oxygen sensors that combine innovation and expertise.

Because of NGK's proven performance in the automotive industry, don't be surprised if more and more car owners start to switch to this brand. If you're one of them, Parts Train is here. We boast a comprehensive catalog that includes various products from this brand, along with a low price guarantee and excellent customer service. Whatever type of car you have, the right spark plug, glow plug, or oxygen sensor is just within your fingertips.