NDC Car Parts & Accessories

Having a clear goal and enough resources to pursue that goal is very important for any automotive parts business to not just survive but also thrive in the industry. One such company known for its clear vision and vast resources is NDC Engine Bearing, LLC. With decades of experience and expertise, it is now a top brand of high-caliber engine bearings. Whatever type of bearing you're looking for, this brand has what you need.

Established in 1980, NDC began as a family business and distribution center. Over the years, it has expanded and became a go-to brand for bearings because of its commitment to provide only the finest products and quality service. To keep up with what the customers need, the company aims to expand their product line. Currently, the company has a well-equipped, multi-million dollar center that serves as the warehouse and distribution facility. To make sure each product performs according to specifications, the company also has a state-of-the-art testing center that uses the latest equipment, gadgets, and tools.

Products under this brand include rod bearings and main bearing kits that are built to fit your car just right. Made only from high-caliber materials, these bearings are meant to perform better and last longer than your car's stock components. Each product from NDC is also backed up by the expertise of its innovative engineering team and technical staff. When it comes to quality control, only the highest standards are followed from the product development stage to the product testing part. As each product part is thoroughly tested and examined for defects, you're sure that whatever you buy from this brand won't let you down.

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