Mr Gasket Wash Mitt & Accessories

Mr Gasket's aftermarket products are aimed at solving every automotive problem and meeting the needs of both vehicle owners and fleet managers. They cover not only the performance aspect of vehicles, but also their safety and maintenance. The brand offers performance parts perfect for general auto servicing and products ideal for daily cleaning. Among these is the Mr Gasket wash mitt that is both an effective cleaning material for your vehicle's body and a protective gear for your hand as you clean your vehicle.

The Mr Gasket wash mitt is very easy to use. Simply wear it in your hand for a wet or dry scratch-free cleaning and detailing. Also, it is made from soft micro fibers, making it so delicate it won't leave any mark, scratch, or lint on your auto body. It's a two-in-one cleaning mitt because its fine, woven fabric is good for moderate to heavy-duty dusting when dry and for thorough washing when wet. This micro fabric mitt is also absorbent and is designed to make more suds; thereby, ensuring more savings on car soap. It's also available in different colors to ensure fun-filled cleaning every so often! For an even better result, get a couple of these for your regular cleaning: one for washing and the other for drying up. Doing so will guarantee easier and faster cleaning, as well as a protected automobile body at all times!

You can now do away with your typical sponge, which may absorb dissolved dirt but is not so handy in its bare form. The Mr Gasket wash mitt is a handy type of cleaning accessory. Just wear it and then start washing or dusting! It's also perfect for protecting your delicate hands. With your hands covered and indirectly touching your auto body while you clean it, you'll have no problem reaching and taking off dirt even on the most detailed and hard-to-reach areas of your auto. You can do that without soaking your hands directly into harsh chemicals or detergents! Find this maintenance mitt in reputable over-the-counter shops or online stores anytime! It's even available right here at Parts Train for your total satisfaction.