Mr Gasket Valve Cover Gasket Set & Accessories

The valve cover is essential for two reasons. First, it protects the components of the valve train and camshaft from debris. Second, it is responsible for containing the oil used by your valve train. However, your valve covers can't perform these functions on their own. Just like everybody else, the valve covers also need some timely assistance. One component that provides that support is the gasket. So the moment this part shows signs of wear, it should be replaced at once. And the best replacement gaskets are the ones found in the Mr Gasket Valve Cover Gasket.

When you purchase a Mr Gasket Valve Cover Gasket, you get high-quality gaskets that have superior sealing capabilities. Once they're in place, these gaskets are able to prevent dirt and other elements from entering the gaps between the valve cover and the valve. They can do a good job of blocking them out because of their ability to adapt to surface irregularities. Aside from that, they have the resistance to combat high temperature, enabling them to function even under extreme heat. But what makes these gaskets stand out is that they can be reused. This keeps you from spending just to have them replaced regularly. Now, to give its gaskets the durability they need, Mr Gasket built these gaskets with a steel core construction design. This is achieved by having a steel core wrapped around by a laminated gasket made from either premium rubber or cork. This helps them maintain their overall quality despite being regularly exposed to harmful elements. Aside from this design, the gaskets are each given a steel carrier that provides stability and proper alignment. Torque limiters were also added to prevent the gaskets from splitting. Finally, to make installation fast and easy, you no longer need to drill holes to mount these gaskets. Plus, they could also be trimmed based on your specifications, allowing you to get a precise fit during installation.

Even though valve covers were designed to protect your valve train and camshaft, they're still not enough to keep debris from attacking. For total protection, pair up your valve covers with gaskets from a Mr Gasket Valve Cover Gasket. By doing this, harmful elements will be completely barred from entering your valve train.