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Mr Gasket Vacuum Advance

An automobile's performance starts with its ignition system. It distributes the high voltage electricity from the battery and ignites the spark plugs for combustion. And key to its functions is timing. Without the ignition's perfect timing, your vehicle won't be able to maximize its fuel's power. That's why components such as the Mr Gasket vacuum advance unit are created to ensure that your vehicle's HEI or high energy ignition system will always send that spark to your cylinders at the right time.

When your engine is set on idle or deceleration, the throttle is only partly open. Because this allows less amount of fuel to go to the cylinder, it takes longer for the spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture. So what happens is that as the fuel is just getting combusted, the piston is already past top dead center position, or is already going down. This not only reduces the power your vehicle should get; it also wastes your fuel. Good thing there is the Mr Gasket vacuum advance component that lets you fine-tune your distributor to your desired advanced ignition. This works by using the manifold vacuum force created when less fuel goes through the fuel line. The vacuum pulls on a diaphragm in the vacuum advance unit, which in turn moves the contact breaker points in the distributor and sends the voltage to the spark plug in advance. Mr Gasket's adjustable vacuum advance unit is available in two kits. The first includes only the advance vacuum and three pairs of springs (light, medium, and heavy), while the second kit comes complete with two weights, special center plate, and nylon bushings.

Best used with high performance engines such as those used in racing vehicles, Mr Gasket's vacuum advance kit is so easy to install. It already comes with an allen wrench, the tool primarily needed to install the kit. Plus, an illustrated instruction manual showing the use of springs on different advance rates in a graphical method is also included. You can find the Mr Gasket vacuum advance kit right at Parts Train. Our products are directly sourced from the manufacturer's warehouse, so we offer them at factory prices. We also guarantee the authenticity of our Mr Gasket products with a 90 days limited warranty certificate from the manufacturer.