Mr Gasket Transmission Pan Bolt Set & Accessories

Mr Gasket Transmission Pan Bolt Set

Lubrication is important in almost all vehicle systems. Usually in the form of oil, the lubricant prevents auto parts and various mechanisms from premature wear caused by too much friction. One particular system that requires proper lubrication is the transmission, along with its gears and bearings. The oil that circulates throughout the system is stored in the transmission oil pan when not in use. When you notice puddles of oil underneath your car when it's parked, then it's a sign that there might be something wrong with your transmission pan, specifically its bolt. Over-tightened or loosely tightened pan bolts need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid serious transmission damage. One of the most sought-after replacements for faulty pan bolts today is the Mr Gasket transmission pan bolt set.

The Mr Gasket transmission pan bolt set is an excellent replacement because it's manufactured using premium-quality materials. These materials are processed using advanced technologies to ensure the transmission pan bolt set from Mr Gasket gives a precise fit for most vehicle makes and models. But as car owner, it's still your responsibility to determine if the 13 pieces of .3125-inch – 18 x .75 hex head bolts and 13 pieces of .3125 AN washers showcased in this topnotch set are fit for your vehicle. The bolts included are chrome-plated for sturdiness. When installing the new pan bolts, make sure they're not tightened beyond the requirement as this will result in a distorted pan. Aside from the pan, other neighboring parts like the pan gasket and flange can also suffer from cracks when the bolts are tightly fixed. Likewise, be sure that they're not slackly attached since this will cause transmission fluid to leak from the pan.

The Mr Gasket transmission pan bolt set is designed to withstand extreme conditions. However, the true secret to its long service life lies in its maintenance. Regular inspection is needed to ensure the bolts won't be coated with rust and dirt. When the bolts are already incapable of doing their job, don't hesitate to replace them immediately. The Mr Gasket transmission pan bolt set remains to be the popular choice when it comes to this. And for an extensive selection of this product, trust only Parts Train.