Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set & Accessories

Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set

You already know how important timing is to your vehicle. So it's a no-brainer that you should protect your timing mechanisms at all costs to maintain excellent engine performance. And to do that, you'll need the help of a timing cover. While this cover offers the necessary protection, it'd be useless if it's not held securely in place. If you want it to do a good job of shielding your important timing components from those harmful elements, make sure that the timing cover is bolted properly. And the best way to seal it tightly is by using a Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set.

The Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set is a set of bolts that are used to secure your timing cover. But do you know what makes it special? Compared to other bolts, these timing cover bolts carry a number of unique features. First is the use of a small hex head, which allows the bolts to fit perfectly even in tight spaces. Second, the bolts come in hex flange head design. This prevents them from falling back into the socket wrench, thus they are not difficult to set up. Third, they're given a special type of serration that prevents them from loosening up when you drive in rough terrain. Fourth, each bolt packed in a Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set is given a wide flange head. This allows them to provide better clamping pressure, proving that size does really matter. Fifth, the bolts are zinc-plated, ensuring that even if they're used on a regular basis, they won't deteriorate quickly. Finally, the bolts found in every Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set are made model-specific, so you need not waste time in modifying the bolts just to get that exact fit you're looking for.

Given that timing is everything when it comes to your engine's performance, be sure that its timing mechanisms are kept safe. Aside from using a timing cover, don't forget to use the bolts found in a Mr Gasket Timing Cover Bolt Set. That way, you'll be able to secure your timing cover and maintain the safety of your engine's timing components.