Mr Gasket Thermostat Housing & Accessories

Mr Gasket Thermostat Housing

Mr Gasket manufactures OEM and direct-replacement auto parts for both restoration and rebuilding purposes. These parts are designed for greater performance and appearance. The brand has a complete line-up of parts from protective exterior accessories to the interior components that power up your auto. Among these is the Mr Gasket thermostat housing that covers the thermostat and keeps it from damaging elements. It is also where the upper radiator hose is attached.

The thermostat housing, also called a water neck, is positioned on the intake manifold or cylinder head. It plays an important role in the cooling process. This housing also organizes the radiator hose, makes the engine bay look neat, and helps provide more clearance for mounting other engine components. It can last the life of your vehicle under normal conditions, but the many damaging factors in your system may cause premature wear. For that, you may need a quality replacement over time. That's when you'll need the Mr Gasket thermostat housing, a high-quality OEM-style housing designed to endure the extreme conditions in your vehicle's cooling system. It is precision die cast and equipped with mounting bolts and an o-ring style seal for that unrivalled leak-free performance. This housing is also polished to a high luster and then chrome plated for a customized look to the cooling system. This design also ensures that the part will endure venting or chipping due to high temperatures in the engine compartment.

Installing the Mr Gasket thermostat housing is easy even to average DIYers because of its exact fit. That way, you'll save on the maintenance fee that you're supposed to pay for your mechanic. More than that, you'll gain more knowledge on automotive repairs that you can use in the future. Here at Parts Train, we offer this housing in a complete kit including the necessary hardware. That means you can already discard the old hardware you took off with your battered housing. After all, they're probably worn-out already. With an all-new thermostat housing mounted, your car can get a secure thermostat covering and a leak-free connection. That means less car troubles for you.