Mr Gasket Sponge & Accessories

You can keep diseases from spreading by keeping good personal hygiene. And if you drive frequently, automobile hygiene is also very important—not only for your health, but for your comfort and convenience, too. So make it a habit to clean your auto using the right cleaning materials, like the Mr Gasket sponge! This helpful cleaning tool is soft but strong; it can remove dirt and small particles other sponges can't. It's also designed to fit your hands conveniently, so it's easier to use. Definitely, this item makes cleaning your car a hassle-free task.

The Mr Gasket sponge is produced using materials that are of the highest quality, with the help of the latest computerized manufacturing equipment. This ensures that it's very much capable of removing dirt from your vehicle without scratching or damaging your car's surfaces. That's right! This product is gentle on your car, but tough on dirt. So you can use the Mr Gasket sponge to clean your vehicle's door handles, glass and metal panels, car seats, car covers, and even your rubber and PVC plastic stripping. You can use it either to wash or dry up your car. It's great for washing because it's super absorbent and it removes dirt from your car effectively. It's also good for waxing and drying your vehicle because it can't damage your car's paint and glass exterior. Plus, the Mr Gasket sponge is also reusable: just wash it after use, and you can use it over and over again.

Germs thrive in places that are rarely cleaned, you know that. So regularly cleaning your car to keep it neat, fresh, and pretty is never an option. Well, isn't it more relaxing to go on a trip in a clean and cozy car, rather than in a messy and smelly more-of-a-garbage-truck vehicle? Think further: keeping your car free from dirt and moisture prevents your car's parts from forming rust, paint cracking, and discoloring, too. That means cutting down on would-be expensive repair or even replacement expenses, of course. So make your car safe and comfortable to travel in—not just for you, but for your family as well. Have a Mr Gasket sponge handy, which you can easily get from Parts Train, and enjoy cleaning your car for a clean, fun ride.