Mr Gasket Spark Plug Wire Loom & Accessories

Mr Gasket Spark Plug Wire Loom

When it comes to your ignition replacement parts or protective accessories, there's only one name to trust-Mr Gasket. With years of experience, this manufacturer has earned its expertise in developing high-grade aftermarket performance parts, devices, and tools. Among these is the Mr Gasket spark plug wire loom that will keep your spark plug wires separated from one another. This won't only maintain the spark plug wires' positions, but it will also minimize the incidence of cross-firing. Designed as a direct replacement or as an add-on to your underhood components, this spark plug wire separator won't require any modification on either the part or your vehicle's components.

The Mr Gasket spark plug wire loom is made from durable die cast aluminum, giving it a longer lasting service life. That means you don't have to replace it as frequently as those ordinary ones that easily crack or loosen up too soon. It's also dimensioned to accommodate standard 7- and 8-millimeter ignition wires, so it would surely fit a wide range of automobile makes and models, especially those equipped with V8 engines. For those that aren't equipped with such, other choices are also available. But aside from fitting and durability, this wire separator can also give your underhood that race car look. With its highly polished and carved design bracket exterior, it would surely match your stainless and mirror-finished underhood components. So you won't only get to organize your eyesore ignition wire tangles, you'll also get to dress up your engine for that showroom appeal.

Every Mr Gasket spark plug wire loom is already equipped with the necessary instruction and installation materials. You can definitely install it on your own, since you need not do any drilling, wire cutting, or dismantling of too many parts. Depending on the wire loom model you get, you can just clamp it on your spark plug tubes or use your valve cover bolts to keep it in place. And aside from all that, you can get this product so easily. Parts Train is your one-stop, total auto parts shop that gives you nothing but the best the aftermarket industry can offer.