Mr Gasket Radiator Cap & Accessories

Mr Gasket Radiator Cap

The radiator keeps your engine at its appropriate operating temperature, that's why it's important to keep it in good working condition. To achieve that, your car needs a Mr Gasket radiator cap, an indispensable radiator component when it comes to heat dissipation. This cap works as a covering to the opening tube of the radiator and as a protective device that prevents the entry of unwanted elements into the radiator, as well as the radiator's fins and tubes.

The Mr Gasket radiator cap is a good OEM replacement to your original cap. The part is built to last, and as long as you get one that directly fits your radiator, rest assured that you'll have no problem. If you want a more advanced cap, Mr Gasket also offers the Thermocap radiator cap. It doesn't simply cover the radiator-it also measures coolant temperature with its built-in calibrated thermometer. This way, you can avoid steam burns resulting from accidentally opening a radiator with hot coolant inside. The Thermocap features an integrated coolant reclamation valve and is compatible with domestic and import vehicles. With this cap, you can expect efficient radiator function and safety. Aside from restoring the performance of your radiator, the Mr Gasket radiator cap also provides added appeal. The chrome finish gives the radiator a great look while the various colors of the Thermocap-silver, black, red, and blue-are perfect for customization. Additionally, it weighs 15 to 18 pounds and is made of aluminum. The chrome finish helps repel damaging elements. With these features, you can expect longer service life from the cap. You can expect nothing less from Mr Gasket, a brand trusted by many professionals and car enthusiasts when it comes to providing quality ignition and cooling system components.

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