Mr Gasket Oil Pump Spring & Accessories

Mr Gasket Oil Pump Spring

Your car's oil pump is an assembly of working parts that include the oil pump spring, the component that regulates the pressure needed for the oil to move around the engine system. If you find that your stock oil pump spring has been rendered useless by damage or wear and tear, better get a quality replacement immediately. A Mr Gasket oil pump spring is designed to breathe new life into your pump, keeping the entire engine functioning well for an extended time.

The Mr Gasket oil pump spring is made from strong steel, subjected to stringent manufacturing processes that include heat treatment and on-car testing under extreme conditions like heat and weight pressures. The group of engineers and designers at Mr Gasket also used computer technology to design the spring. This ensures the best results and guarantees total accuracy when it comes to fit and function. All springs are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities, so the reliability and durability of each oil pump is ensured. The ultimate outcome is better oil circulation, increased oil pressure, and improved bearing life in the engine. Installing the Mr Gasket oil pump spring can be a little challenging for average DIYers because of its location in the engine bay. However, this one is designed to be a direct replacement for your old spring, so rest assured that it will not require any modification during mounting. Mr Gasket is a world-class manufacturer of performance parts for both race and street vehicles. That's why you are assured that this high-pressure oil pump spring will provide your car's oil pump with the support it needs.

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