Mr Gasket Oil Filler Tube & Accessories

Mr Gasket Oil Filler Tube

As a performance parts manufacturer, Mr Gasket knows what it takes to make a powerful engine. Performance engines have more demands compared to street cars; they need high-performance parts to handle higher RPMs, torque, and horsepower. They need more oil, for instance, to lubricate engine components that work twice as hard as regular engines. Oil is added to the engine through the oil filler hole, but you may want an oil filler tube for easier oil filling. If that's the case, then the Mr Gasket oil filler tube is the perfect component.

Its design is based on the specifications of your high-performance engine, so you can expect easy installation procedures. Its chrome-plated finish will add a professional look to your engine bay. The chrome-finished outer surface of the tube also extends its service life, giving you better performance despite an abrasive engine environment. The Mr Gasket oil filler tube is made from durable steel. It is manufactured with the highest quality standards and extensively tested through heat, shock, and engine vibration simulators to bring superior performance. In fact, it can easily resist corrosion brought about by heat and other unwanted elements. And if your auto has a hidden valve cover, you have the option to add a push-on or a twist-on oil filler extension tube. This tube clears most low-profile hoods and is legal for use in race vehicles driven on tracks, so there's no need to worry.

The Mr Gasket oil filler tube is available here at Parts Train. With our extensive product catalog and easy-to-use browser, you can get hold of this product fast and easy! We classify our parts according to engine and chassis fit, so you can surely find the perfect match to your high performance ride. You'll also have an easy time rebuilding your engine-no modification is needed for your engine and for your new part. For best results, you can install a new Mr Gasket breather cap and other necessary hardware from the same brand. Remember: stronger engines have more demands. And when it comes to your oiling system, nobody does it better than Mr Gasket.