Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap & Accessories

When we find ourselves caught up and surrounded by smoke or fumes, our first instinct is to look for ventilation to help us get fresh air. And just like us, your engine's crankshaft has the same need for proper ventilation. That's because this component is exposed to fumes since it draws them into the intake manifold for burning. By not giving it the proper ventilation, the quality of your crankshaft can deteriorate, causing it to perform poorly. So to help it get the air needed to drive away engine fumes, make sure that your crankshaft is equipped with a Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap.

The Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap is a component designed to fit over your engine's oil filler tube. Once installed, it provides your crankshaft and engine with a supply of filtered air to promote better ventilation. By doing this, it's able get rid of any residue of smoke or fumes that could still be lingering in your crankshaft. This keeps the component from deteriorating quickly. Aside from getting rid of fumes, the Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap can add a unique look to your engine bay. Due to the nature of its work, Mr Gasket had to make sure that its oil breather cap won't break down easily. To prevent that, each oil breather cap was made from premium materials. It's given a chrome-plated design to enhance both its durability and look. Also, to help it perform its functions, Mr Gasket equipped the oil breather cap with a side PVC hook up tube, an internal baffle, and a high porosity filter. Finally, to ensure an exact fit during installation, the Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap was designed to be model specific. This feature allows for faster and easier installation.

Unlike you, your crankshaft can't just walk away from fumes and smoke. And that's what makes the Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap useful. With this product by its side, your crankshaft will be able to provide you with the superior performance. This will result in your vehicle operating more smoothly when you hit the road. So don't think twice about installing this product; protect your crankshaft by getting a Mr Gasket Oil Breather Cap today.